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Een comfortabel LIESL damespak

I. Made. A. Suit! here! Dit ultieme dames pak was nog wat miste in mijn garderobe. Niet zomaar een damespak, nee eentje die comfortabel is. Én op verschillende manieren te stylen is. De stof mocht ik uitzoeken op de website van Katia Fabrics . Een wat dikker katoen met leuk zeepaardjes print die soepel valt. Het pak Even overwoog ik om een jumpsuit te maken, maar ik hou ervan als mijn kledingstukken 'multi- combineerbaar' zijn. Dit pak kan ik als een tweedelig-jumpsuit gebruiken en als twee aparte kledingstukken stylen met andere items uit mijn garderobe. Mix&Match Het jasje Ik begon met het maken van de blazer en gebruikt een Knipmode patroon. Het patroon is jasje 18 Marie uit Knipmode januari 2018. Het zusje van Marie is jasje 19 Ester. Beide patronen zijn online (pdf en papier) te bestellen en hebben dezelfde basis. Je vindt  Marie hier  en Ester hier . Jasje Marie, Knipmode januari 2018 Jasje Ester, Knipm
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LIESL's Summer Wardrobe!

Sewing for the summer! Just one more week and then I'm going to enjoy my summer holiday! In the past couple of weeks I've been busy sewing my Summer Wardrobe. My Instagram posts of these gorgeous fabrics marked the start of this fun project! The fabric on top is from Lulu Designs (aka @sew__delicious) which I won in the #sewapril2019 challenge together with this beautiful floral one. The fabrics were turned into a ruffled skirt and a jiffy top.  For the BERNINA blog I wrote about this skirt. I added a ruffle to a BERNINA wrap skirt.  Go to the BERNINA blog. For the top I used a  Making Patterns Fly  pattern and it turned out to be a jiffy make. I shortened it because I didn't have as much fabric as described. I believe this turned out for the better for my shape. Loose fitting top Pattern Check out a short video I made about this jiffy make This piece is perfect to combine with my favorite pair of memade

A recap of my Minervacrafts blogs!

One year anniversary! It was a 'busew' year! In which I wrote 13 blogposts for the Minervacrafts website. Such al lovely collaboration which allows me to work with the most beautiful fabrics and I loved every minute of it! At this moment 10 blogs are posted online, three more are scheduled for later this year. And some new fabrics are on it's way to be reviewed and turned into LIESL - creations. Ten LIESL's in a row One The first blog I wrote was this one about the famous Kielo Wrap Dress from Named Clothing. My version with longer sleeves has a bit of an Asian theme. Read about it here Two The second blog was a bigger project with lots of embellishments: The pink polka-dot trenchcoat. I was inspired by a trenchcoat I saw and tried to recreate it.  Want to see if I've succeeded? Click  here . Three The third one was a dress again in a 'love at first sight' fabric. I have a soft spot for graphic fabrics in black-and-white w

Fabrics Xmas Challenge Suit

I. Made. A. Suit! When Katia Fabrics asked me to collaborate with them for a Chistmas Fabrics Challenge I couldn't say no. They didn't even had to twist my arm ;-). The Katia fabrics webshop contains, besides the yarns they are well known for also, quite a selection of poplin, sweats and canvas fabrics with fun prints. Really suitable for kids clothing and making bags. I decided to challenge myself and make something for me to wear. You can vote for my outfit from 21 until 23 december by liking the photo in this link !  The fabrics  I choose two fabrics that for me have a very Christmassy feel to them. Both poplin fabrics. The black one has a lovely little seahorse print. And the white one is called Xmas poplin and has icebears, trees and snowflakes on them. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... The suit My first idea was to make a jumpsuit, out of the black Seahorse poplin, but I like my garments to be versatile and soon changed it to be